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We love to get feedback from our customers! We particularly love it when people enjoy our products so much that they get online and tell us about it. Here you will find a selection of feedback and comments from people who’ve tried and enjoyed our products.

They are just the best Gluten Free Pies I have tasted. The pastry is great.


Thank you everyone at Silly Yaks for caring for your fructose malabsorption crowd so well. We often get left out of the loop in terms of specialty foods but now I can feel comforted that you’ve got our backs!

Awesome work guys!

P.S. Phenomenal Apple Tarts, a very welcome treat after being on the apple-offensive for so long!


Whilst out today I had a lunch which contained two slices of Silly Yak Gluten Free Bread. It was the best bread I have eaten since becoming a Coeliac seven years ago! I am still in shock that it was Gluten Free!!


Hi, just wanted to thank you! I have just had a gluten free Chocolate and Raspberry tart with my latte and OMG, at last, a gluten free treat that tastes as good as it looks.


We’ve had another round of consumer reviews, this time from Vilma in Victoria.  Vilma’s overall comment on our product range was that “In all the products the pastry and the fillings were fantastic!”.  To read the detailed reviews provided by Vilma, her husband and their two children, click here.


I came in today [to our Factory Outlet Store] for the first time & Glenys was amazing.  Her help was second to none.  I got home & made the savory spinach & ricotta rolls & was blown away at how fantastic they were, then I made toast & all I can say is WOW it’s like eating ordinary bread! Also, OMG the chicken, mushroom & leek pie was to die for.  Thank you sooo much & I will be back for sure.


Gluten Free blogger AliV (of www.alivitsallaboutglutenfree.com) has reviewed a wide variety of our products.  Her overall comment was “The quality of your products is great!  I have been really impressed.”  Click here to read her detailed thoughts on the individual products that she tried.


I just love your pies.  They are superior to other brands I’ve tried.  Yours are by far the best I’ve tasted with excellent pastry.  Others do not stand the comparison with tasteless gluggy pastry.


I absolutely love your food! Keep up the good work.



My husband suffers from Fructose Malabsorption, and he has just tasted one of yourMeat Pies from a local cafe. It is the first Meat Pie he has been able to eat since being diagnosed with the complaint. He has not stopped raving about it since. He enjoyed it so much.


I have just had the best lunch I’ve had in weeks! Felt like Christmas when
all my food arrived, please say thankyou to the team at Silly Yaks, you
made it so easy and the website is great!!! Now onto my Caramel Slice for
afternoon tea………… YUMMMM!



I looooove love love your food!!! You’ve been the biggest relief, I was seriously so tired of having no idea what to eat and your food even goes down well with people who don’t mind gluten. Very VERY much appreciated.



Hi all at Silly Yaks,

I called in today to the “Coeliac Shack”, Sutton st Redcliffe QLD, they stock some of your products. I chatted to the owner and bought a Silly Yak Meat Pie,  because I have tried many products over the years and never found a good tasting delicious pie. I’m here to tell you, I heated the pie in the microwave as I was impatient to taste it! I had it with vegies it was so so scrumptious. Very lean meat, no excess fat (unheard of in a pie), delicious gravy, well textured pastry.




The pizza bases are absolutely perfect.  I would like to start stocking them straight away.

Thanks for your help,



I have just tried your gluten free Plain Bread and love it. I have been gluten-free for 4+yrs and never had found a bread that I could tolerate til now.



Hi Silly Yaks,

Thank you for supplying us with samples of your gluten-free pizza bases.  We tried them out on our customers on Sunday and Monday. The lady who had them at the Sunday function said that they were the best gluten free pizzas she’d had and the man who had them during the Monday function came back for thirds!  We will definitely be buying our gluten-free pizza bases from Silly Yaks in the future.


Hot Coals   

Hi There,

I just had one of the Pumpkin & Basil Pies for lunch and it was delicious!  I can’t wait to try out your other products.

Thanks Heaps,



I only discovered your products a short time ago. I absolutely LOVE your gluten free Soy and Linseed and Multigrain loaves, they are the best gluten free bread I have ever eaten and will ever eat!!!


Hi to All at Silly Yaks,

I’m lucky enough to live just down the road from Balgowlah shops where they stock your products. I asked the owner to get me some of your Anzac Biscuits which you gave us a sample of at the show. My daughter really loves them and has gobbled them all up within a week.

I also bought your Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie, my God it was so delicious, I thought the beef one was good but the chicken one is great. I really appreciate that you go to such efforts to make such good quality and good tasting food. It’s even better than the conventional food we were buying before we had to make our dietary changes.


Hi Bryn,

I’ve just had one of your Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pies for my lunch and it’s the best pie I’ve ever eaten.  Thanks for your great products.


Hi Bryn,
Just wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with your product. It’s great!


I’ve tried Silly Yaks’ gluten free bread rolls and pizza bases – they were THE BEST I’ve had!


My daughter loves the mini baguettes for school lunches, we got them from the Coeliac Shack at Redcliffe. We bought all they had left after our first try, it was a while ago now. They hadn’t ordered any more since, so we then tried the Turkish bread and that was great too.


We (as in the family) do really like the rolls. In fact, I particularly like them and I’m not on the gluten free diet.