Our savoury range is built around our popular gluten free pastry, complemented with simple, wholesome fillings without the addition of fillers, bulking agents, etc. As far as possible we strive to keep the salt and saturated fat contents of these products low. We use high quality meats and fresh vegetables, supplemented with gravies of our own making. The combination of a tasty, pleasant-textured gluten free pastry with generous, wholesome fillings makes the pies and rolls in our savoury range some of our most popular products.

Where possible, our pies and rolls are safe for people with fructose malabsorption allergies. We have tried to keep the use of dairy to a minimum also. Our pastry does contain egg, as our experiments with egg free pastry have not been encouraging. All of our savoury products are wheat free, gluten free and nut free.


The Silly Yaks range of 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free savoury pies and rolls consists of the following varieties:

Beef and Bacon Pie

Beef and Red Wine Pie

Chicken Leek and Mushroom Pie

Lamb and Rosemary Pie

Meat Pie

Meat Shepherds Pie

Mexican Bean and Cheese Pie

Pumpkin and Basil Pie

Sausage Roll

Steak and Mushroom Pie

Spinach and Ricotta Roll

Spinach Quiche

Vegetable Pie

Vegetable Roll

Cooking Instructions

Silly Yaks Pies and Rolls can be re-heated in the microwave direct from the freezer or defrosted and then re-heated in a conventional oven.  For detailed instructions on exactly how to do this, please refer to our Pie and Roll Heating Instructions page.