We are very pleased to announce that we’ve made a big breakthough in our ongoing quest to broaden the availability of Silly Yaks Gluten Free Bakery Products.  We now have a selection of Silly Yaks Gluten Free Bakery Products approved for ranging in around fifteen Ritchies IGA stores!

At this stage we only have the ranging approval – we still have to get sales reps around to visit all of the stores, talk to the freezer managers, and get the products ordered and into the store.  We are expecting this process to be completed prior to Christmas, and will be updating product availability on Facebook as the stores come on line.  So if you haven’t visited our new Facebook page, now would be a great time to like us on Facebook and be kept up-to-date as our products arrive in a Ritchies IGA store near you.

Our ranging in Ritchies IGA’s is a trial.  The hope is that, once Ritchies see the demand for Silly Yaks products, they will be prepared to range the products in many more of their stores.  So, if your local Ritchies IGA isn’t one of the stores that will be stocking our products, now would be an excellent time to speak with the store manager and ask them to stock Silly Yaks Gluten Free Bakery Products for you.