Home Delivery Options

Many of you would be aware that we have dabbled with a trial home delivery service in Victoria for some time.  Unfortunately, the results have been rather mixed and we have decided that we would rather focus on manufacturing and distribution and leave the home delivery service to businesses which are set up to provide it and have the infrastructure and processess to back it up.

Silly Yak Foods will no longer be offering a direct home delivery service.

With that in mind, the following organisations offer a gluten free home delivery service in Victoria.  All of them offer products from the Silly Yaks Gluten Free Range and most also offer complementary products from other manufacturers.

At this stage we do not have any partner organisations who offer a home delivery service outside of Victoria.  If, however, anyone happens to know of one, please contact us to let us know.

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Aztec Gold Beer Discontinued

It is with great regret that we announce the discontinuation of the Aztec Gold gluten free beer.

At its best, Aztec Gold was a great product – a gluten free beer that anyone, regardless of their dietary requirements, could drink and enjoy.  Unfortunately, it was also a complex and unreliable product to manufacture, as many of you would have noticed from its frequent and extended absences from the market.  After spending almost three years, and a great deal of money, trying to stabilise the product and make its manufacturing processes reliable, we have been forced to admit defeat.  We will not be spending any more time or money on the development of a gluten free beer product, nor will we be manufacturing any more batches of Aztec Gold.

There are several other excellent gluten free beers available on the Australian market, the best of which are the Australian products from Billabong Brewing and the imported Schnitzer Brau.

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Silly Yak Foods Sells Silly Yaks Cafe

We’ve sold the cafe! On the 20th of October, 2008, Silly Yak Foods Pty Ltd formally settled the sale of its cafe, Silly Yaks Cafe, to SACS Gourmet Pty Ltd.

The cafe will continue to trade as a 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free environment under the name SACS Gluten Free. As part of the arrangement, we will continue to supply SACS Gluten Free with our full range of delicious gluten-free goodies, including many that we make exclusively for SACS Gluten Free.

The decision to sell the cafe was a difficult one, reached only after much agonising on our part. We eventually decided that we wanted to focus on what we think we do best – manufacturing and distributing our unique range of 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free bakery products – and leave operating the cafe to people who will do it better than we did. We wish Steven and his team at SACS Gluten Free all the very best in their exciting new venture!

We will now be focussing our energies wholly on developing and enhancing our product range and expanding its distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand and, eventually, the world. We hope that you will continue to support us by supporting our ever-expanding network of stockists and by continuing to give us your valuable feedback on our existing products and by suggesting new products that you would like to see manufactured by Silly Yaks.

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