At Silly Yaks, not only are we determined that our range of 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free, 100% peanut free bakery products should be as delicious as possible, we also take the issues of food safety and quality extremely seriously. Nothing less than you would expect, of course, from Australia’s premier manufacturer of wheat free, gluten free, Fructose Friendly™ and allergy friendly bakery products.

Complete Control Over Manufacture

All products bearing the Silly Yaks name and branding are manufactured in a dedicated facility, owned, staffed and controlled by Silly Yak Foods Pty Ltd. None of our products are manufactured in other companies’ facilities under contract and all are packed and labelled on the premises where they are made. This gives us total control over all aspects of the manufacturing and handling of our products and allows us to be completely confident in making claims such as “100% wheat free, 100% gluten free”. You can have confidence that when you purchase a Silly Yaks product it will be exactly what it says on the label – we know because we’ve been there for every step in the process!

Food Safety Programme

Like all legitimate commercial food manufacturing facilities in Australia, our company owned bakery is registered with the health department of our local council and follows a council approved Food Safety Programme. Our facilities are regularly inspected by officers from the council’s health department and our record keeping, cleanliness and adherence to our Food Safety Programme is verified by them.


In order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, we have recently implemented a HACCP-based food safety system. HACCP (an acronym for Hazard And Critical Control Point) is a food industry quality certification scheme and is the preferred quality certification in the Australian and international food industries. Our implementation of such a system shows that we have achieved and maintained a very high level of manufacturing hygiene, safety and quality.

Like all other quality systems, our HACCP-based system is regularly audited by an independent organisation to ensure that we are maintaining the required standards of food safety and hygiene. An annual certificate of compliance is issued by the auditing organisation to show that we have passed their checks.


Click here to download a copy of our current HACCP certificate.


As one of the requirements of our international customer base, many of our gluten free products are certified Halal. As of April 2012, all Loaf Bread and Bread Roll products (not the Garlic Bread), as well as our very popular gluten free Pizza Bases are certified Halal.

The specific products which are certified Halal are:

Click here to download a copy of our current Halal certification.