Easy to Make Tips
Preparation Time: Nil; Cooking Time: 20 minutes; Serves four.


  • Four Silly Yaks Mexican Bean & Cheese Pies.
  • Two medium-sized tomatoes.
  • One bunch fresh coriander.
  • Two large green chillis.  The recipe as shown uses golfball chillis.
  • Two avocadoes.
  • Sour light cream.
  • One teaspoon salt.
  • One fresh lime.



Step 1

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.  Remove the pies from their packaging and place them uncovered on a baking tray.  Place in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden-brown.  While the pies are heating, you can prepare your salsa.


Step 2

First, skin the tomatoes.  To do this, first blanch them in boiling water, then use a sharp knife to cut a small cross in the base of each tomato as shown.  You should then be able to peel them easily.  Using a sharp knife, finely dice the tomatoes and place them, taking care not to lose any juice, into a medium-sized bowl.


Step 3

Roughly chop the coriander until you have about one and a half to two cups of chopped leaves.  Add the chopped coriander to the bowl.


Step 4

Halve and de-seed the chillies before finely dicing them.  Add the diced chillies and salt to the bowl, along with the juice of half of the lime.  Mix well and leave to rest until the pies are fully heated.


Serving Suggestion

Serve your Mexican Bean & Cheese Pies topped with salsa and with traditional accompaniments such as fresh avocado (perhaps drizzled with a little lime juice) and sour cream. Garnish with a wedge of lime. This recipe makes an excellent summertime lunch.