Silly Yak Foods manufactures a range of bakery goods which are 100% wheat free and gluten free.

We are a premium quality manufacturer and strive to maintain the highest standards of taste, texture, mouth feel and health in every product that we produce. Our product development philosophy is best summed up by our tagline “Real Food – Gluten Free”. Silly Yaks products must be real food first, with all of the eating enjoyment that the term implies, but must also be 100% wheat free and gluten free.

In keeping with our “real food” philosophy, we do not knowingly use genetically modified inputs. We do not add artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to any of our products, meaning that you will most likely find them in the freezer section of your local store. We only use the highest quality ingredients and avoid processing them any more than is absolutely necessary. Our product range is predominantly hand made.

As far as possible we attempt to cater to related allergies in our manufacturing. Approximately 80% of our product range is dairy-free and many of our products are also safe for people who suffer from fructose malabsorption allergies. Where possible our products are yeast free, although our bread roll range is yeasted as the quality compromises necessary to manufacture yeast free bread rolls are unacceptable to us. Many of our products are also egg free or nut free.

All Silly Yaks products are manufactured and packed in a 100% peanut free environment.

Finally, our products are manufactured and packed in an environment which is 100% wheat free and 100% gluten free. In our manufacturing processes we do not use wheat, rye, oats, barley, spelt or kamut, nor do we use any ingredient which has been in any way derived from these grains. Not even if an ingredient derived from one of these grains tests as gluten free will we use it, as the ingredient will still contain some residual gluten, though not enough to be detected by the test. It is only by maintaining such a hard line that we can ensure that our products truly are 100% wheat free and 100% gluten free.