Silly Yak Foods does not add sulphites to any of our products (see Are Your Products Additive-Free?, above).

From an ingredients perspective, the main issues are potato starch (which often has sulphite preservatives added) and tapioca starch (once again, sulphites are often used as a preservative or processing aid).  Other inputs, such as bacon and sundried tomatoes, contain sulphite preservatives.  However, the quantity of sulphites in the final product is extremely low.

Our potato starch contains no added sulphites.

Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a processing aid in the manufacture of our tapioca starch.  This is standard for almost all tapioca starches, in fact we are unaware of any tapioca starch available on the Australian market in commercial quantities for which this is not the case.  However, our tapioca starch is very low in sulphites.  The product specification sheet states that the total level of sulphites present in the tapioca starch is not greater than ten parts per million.  As the proportion of tapioca (dry weight, excluding water added) in our bread dough is less than twelve percent, the concentration of sulphites in a loaf of our bread would not be expected to exceed 1.2 parts per million.  This is a very low concentration indeed!

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