It is with great regret that we announce the discontinuation of the Aztec Gold gluten free beer.

At its best, Aztec Gold was a great product – a gluten free beer that anyone, regardless of their dietary requirements, could drink and enjoy.  Unfortunately, it was also a complex and unreliable product to manufacture, as many of you would have noticed from its frequent and extended absences from the market.  After spending almost three years, and a great deal of money, trying to stabilise the product and make its manufacturing processes reliable, we have been forced to admit defeat.  We will not be spending any more time or money on the development of a gluten free beer product, nor will we be manufacturing any more batches of Aztec Gold.

There are several other excellent gluten free beers available on the Australian market, the best of which are the Australian products from Billabong Brewing and the imported Schnitzer Brau.

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