Here you will find the answers to many of the detailed questions about the Silly Yaks range of 100% wheat free, gluten free products and how they relate to a variety of issues, medical conditions and health or dietary requirements.  If you cannot find the answer to your specific question here, please contact us and we will do our best to provide the information you’re after.


Are Your Products Additive-Free?

Silly Yak Foods does not add artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to any product that we manufacture.  Some of our ingredients may contain small quantities of preservatives (see the entry on Added Sulphites below).  In all cases the proportion of preservative in the final product is well below the amount that must be declared on the label under Australian law.

Are Any of Your Products Vegan?

We do not label any of our products as vegan because all of our products are manufactured in the same environment in which we manufacture our pies, which contain both meat and eggs.  We do make every effort to avoid cross contamination but we are not prepared to guarantee any product in our range as being 100% free of animal products.

The products in our range which contain no animal ingredients include: